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A Delivery System that is RevolutionaryTransparentReliable

Our software empowers businesses to manage their deliveries with freedom of choice

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A New Era of Delivery Technology Solutions

We take complex supply chain delivery problems and make them easier to manage and understand. 

The SubTrux system significantly alters the way consumers, industries and businesses of all sizes operate, move and manage their deliveries.

The SubTrux Delivery Management Software allows anyone to manage their own driver fleet, collaborate with their carrier partners and access a marketplace of on-demand drivers with vehicles that suit most requirements.

Our end to end delivery solution allows all businesses that move freight to take control of their delivery costs. By collaborating live with their entire network distribution, this will help improve the customers delivery experience, transparency and better manage the supply chain problems of today.

With increased environmental concerns, SubTrux remains focused on reducing the use of transport means. Using new technologies, we are helping industry minimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions, increase capacity and reduce cost.

Sign up within minutes and start sending your freight deliveries to your own fleet and distribution network within hours.

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Why choose SubTrux?


Manage all your delivery processes through our automated system that gives you freedom of choice.


Access competitively priced delivery drivers & vehicles available for daily hire or on-demand book-and-send. 


Pick up jobs and deliver on your schedule when you own a truck, car or van.

Easy Integration

Hassle-free software integration with SubTrux plug-ins and inbuilt how to videos.

Accessible Pricing

Pay a monthly subscription or only pay by the delivery. SubTrux fits into every budget.

Take Control

Collaborate with your distribution network to improve the customer experience and manage your logistics.

Choice. Transparency. Freedom.Automation.Trust.

Want to learn more about SubTrux or how Driving with SubTrux can enhance your work/life balance, watch the videos below.

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Learn how SubTrux revolutionises delivery management

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Want to know more about SubTrux?

SubTrux is a three-tiered delivery management system that can revolutionise the way you send and manage your deliveries. To learn more about how SubTrux can give you more choice and freedom contact us now.

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