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A Real-Time Delivery Management System.

Designed for all industries who deliver and move.

Manage Your Deliveries

SubTrux gives you the power to manage all of your delivery processes through a live automated system that provides 100% transparency and live delivery tracking. 

The Delivery Management System gives you full control of your delivery schedule, allowing you to send deliveries to your own vehicles or delivery partner network all from the one easy-to-use platform. 

Gain free access to SubTrux Marketplace, a network of delivery drivers with a large range of vehicles that are available for daily hire or on-demand book and send deliveries to suit your requirements and schedule. 

Manage with Ease



Delivery Management System

SubTrux is a multiple vehicle and freight delivery distribution management tool. Collaborate all of your freight deliveries all from one simple and easy-to-use platform without compromising your customers’ experience or internal business processes.

Delivery Automation

Our route optimisation engines pick up the most effective routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently. Plan, dispatch and manage orders by automating scheduled distribution tasks while eliminating human error and added costs.​

Complete Transparency

Track deliveries via Google maps, message drivers directly and keep your customers updated throughout the delivery process by sending them automated SMS or email notifications at various stages. Full visibility every step of the way.

Live Delivery Analysis

To better manage your logistics network and keep operation costs down we provide powerful visually enhanced reporting on driver punctuality, delivery and driver performance, vehicle utilisation and location delays all live and in real-time.

Driver Marketplace

Send freight during high demand periods with full access to a network of drivers and vehicles to suit your requirements who are available for daily hire or on-demand book-and-send through SubTrux Marketplace.

Vehicle Compliance

By providing support with managing heavy vehicle compliance laws through various vehicle and delivery checklists, overloading alerts, powerful live visual reporting and fatigue violations, we have you covered.

Reusables Management

Manage and trace your entire asset returns. Through a suite of tools you can create and control the location of pallets, ropes, chains, containers and anything else required to return to your inventory. ​

Easy Integration

Ready to use in a matter of hours, integrate existing sales orders, consignments, CRM or Accounting System with SubTrux comprehensive API knowledge and plug-ins. Our tech team will guide you through the switch.​

Manage Logistics.Efficiently.Better.

Leanne from SoilWorx tells us how the SubTrux DMS has streamlined their Logistical operation.

SubTrux DMS

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More Than Just A System

Benefit The Environment

By implementing new technologies the SubTrux platform reduces the use of transport means and enables a paperless delivery process. With the SubTrux platform you will minimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions and increase your delivery capacity while reducing operational costs. 

Gives You Control

SubTrux empowers you to take control of your delivery operations, fleet and customer experience all on the one easy-to-use, automated and transparent platform. Experience the freedom of automation and full visibility from assigning your deliveries through to customer feedback.

100% Transparency for Both Your Organisation and Your Customers

SubTrux provides detailed information on the status of deliveries to meet this rising need for transparency and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction

  • Live Maps and Vehicle Monitoring
  • Live ETA Notifications and Status
  • POD’s, delivery images and notes
  • Suite of Reporting and Analysis 
  • Customer to Driver Messaging
  • Customer and driver feedback

Stress-Free Pick Up Planning & Routing Deliveries.

SubTrux lets you view, plan and auto-assign jobs on an interactive platform, Plan all deliveries days, weeks and months in advance.

  • Last-mile, middle mile and line haul planning
  • Delivery preplanning 
  • Easy to use manual drag and drop allocation 
  • Automated delivery scheduling
  • Automated Route and Vehicle Optimisation
  • Route and delivery history

Marketplace Driver Network with Vehicles to Suit

If you’re overloaded with orders or are looking to distribute work, the Subtrux Marketplace gives you access to a network of drivers. Simply post a job and wait for an available driver to accept

  • On-Demand Deliveries
  • Book vehicles for the day, week or month 
  • Pay by the delivery, weight or by the hour
  • A wide range of vehicle types 
  • Assign single or multiple deliveries 
  • All drivers are compliant

Manage Your Distribution Network and Heavy Vehicle Compliance

When using SubTrux Delivery Management Software you can allocate jobs to your preferred distribution network. You can view and manage to whom you assigned jobs to in real-time. No more manual logbooks run sheets and endless phone calls.

  • Allocate deliveries directly to your preferred network
  • Improve the customer experience 
  • Vehicle, load and delivery declaration checklists and alerts 
  • Licence and registration expiry reminders
  • Overloaded alerts
  • Fatigue violation alerts 

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SubTrux is a three-tiered delivery management system that can revolutionise the way you send and manage your deliveries. Sign up today to learn more about how SubTrux can give you more choice and freedom.

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