Need Trucks For Your Next Deliveries? Are You and Your Customers Looking For Full Visibility Of The Freight?

                 Tipper and General Freight Trucks are Available                        "FREE" Access Via The Delivery Management Software

SubTrux Marketplace

If you're a sender or mover of freight, the SubTrux Marketplace is for you.

Whether you need vehicles for the day, week, month, wish to post a single / multiple jobs or alternatively when you are busier than normal and struggling to keep up with the work, the SubTrux Marketplace will help you access a network of drivers with vehicles who are ready to make deliveries. We provide you the software that allows you to simply post your request for a driver to accept.

Pay by the Hour or by the Job the choice is yours



About Marketplace

Post jobs

Are you a sender of freight? post
jobs by the hour or by indvidual  job 

Access contractor network

Access to a
network of drivers with trucks.

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      Are you a mover of freight?                 Looking for additional work?       

Live interactive visibility

Live interactive

Marketplace key benefits

Key Benefits

  • Post one or multiple jobs in one transaction
  • View and access various additional vehicles and jobs
  • Upfront pricing and rates
  • On Demand or pre-plan your job schedule
  • Communication directly with drivers
  • Cover all your work and never let your customer down
  • Provide your team and customers live visibility of all your deliveries