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Quarry Product Suppliers

Manage Your Deliveries and Never Let Your Customers Down Again Using Easy-To-Integrate Modern Technology.

Tippers by Request and On-Demand.

You’ll be able to obtain tipper contractors without the commitment using SubTrux. SubTrux Marketplace is a free extension of the Delivery System that allows you to access a network of tippers, trucks and drivers when you need them most. Grow your contractor partner network directly and enjoy competitive upfront pricing on cartage rates and full transparency with contractors work history and location.

Earthmoving Equipment by Request and On-Demand Coming Soon…

Tipper Types available for Sending a delivery Or Hiring a vehicle:

  • Tandem
  • Semi Tipper
  • 3 axle Truck & Dog
  • 4 axle Truck & Dog

Unique Customer Experience

Improve your customers’ experience ten-fold with the leading technology of SubTrux Delivery Management System. With access to full visibility on all deliveries through Google Maps Tracking, the ability to contact the driver and live ETA updates sent straight to their phone, your customers will never be left wondering where their delivery is again. Build trust and deliver the highest standard of customer service with SubTrux. 

NEW: Give your customers access to their live interactive portal. Here they will see all the information surrounding their current, past and future deliveries

Manage Your Own Fleet.

With the SubTrux Delivery Management System, you can keep operational costs down by managing your own fleet all through the one platform that can be installed in minutes. Ensure each fleet reaches its fullest potential on every delivery run with SubTrux’s easy to use system. Save time without the added hassle of paperwork. All paperwork is automated through the SubTrux system which is beneficial for you and our environment.

Looking for extra work? Register on the market place and Maximize your vehicles downtime.

Manage Your Own Contractor Driver Vehicles

With the SubTrux Delivery Management System, you can manage and assign multiple jobs, contractors and vehicles on one platform. Avoid the hassle of messy and lengthy paperwork. Give your contractors free access to SubTrux to access their own portal, jobs and vehicle tracking, allowing them to plan and assign their own jobs.

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Provide Value Add to Your Contractors.

SubTrux allows you to give your own contractors free access to their own portal which houses their jobs, tracking of vehicles and job history.

This allows them to plan and assign their own jobs through a fully transparent platform. Maintain full access to their performance statistics and job tracking without the hassle of back and forth negotiations and paperwork through SubTrux’s automated platform.

Contact Free.

SubTrux puts health and safety first. With SubTrux you can validate your deliveries without making contact with your driver, handling paperwork or signing upon delivery. Our system is built to complement social distancing and curb the spread of bacteria.

Live Google Maps tracking and photographic proof of delivery system means that no contact, no paperwork and no signature required on delivery.